Database Setup

How to setup a database for your Tensei app

Installing a database connector

Tensei uses the amazing MikroORM ORM behind the scenes to establish database connections. It supports MySQL, PostgresQL, Sqlite and MongoDB. Once you choose the database for your project, you need to install one of the following database drivers:

yarn add @mikro-orm/mysql # for mysql
yarn add @mikro-orm/postgresql # for postgresql
yarn add @mikro-orm/sqlite # for sqlite
yarn add @mikro-orm/mongodb # for mongodb

# Or using npm
npm i -s @mikro-orm/mysql # for mysql
npm i -s @mikro-orm/postgresql # for postgresql
npm i -s @mikro-orm/sqlite # for sqlite
npm i -s @mikro-orm/mongodb # for mongodb

Next, call the .databaseConfig() method on the tensei instance to configure your database:

        type: 'mysql', // or postgresql / sqlite / mongodb
        dbName: 'tensei',
        user: 'root',
        password: ''

Make sure you call the .databaseConfig() method before calling the .start() method. When you call .start(), Tensei establishes a database connection to your configured database.

You can learn more about your database options and configuration directly from the Mikro ORM documentation